Free Access To Maria's Signature Masterclass: Master Your Energy-Master Your Life (A $197 Course)

Free for 14 days, then a new masterclass every 3 months for $17/mo. Cancel anytime

14 day trial


Free for 14 Days, and you'll have COMPLETE access to Weekly Soul Coaching and Universal Energy Reports, Masterclass Archives, Meditation Library, and my Exclusive Online Community.

Unlike any other time in History, you can connect to the real messages and purpose behind what's happening in your life. 

I'm giving away entire access to my Soul Community, masterclasses, meditation library, Soul Coaching, and Universal Energy Reports. 

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE approach to self-mastery to include mindset, wellness, energy work and healing, expanding your own intuition by learning how to work WITH the Universe (so that you NEVER miss her signs and her guidance).

You'll naturally reduce overwhelm and chaos, find direction with deeper meaning for your life (why you're here), generate the energy to thrive (no matter the circumstance), strengthen your emotional and mental stamina to create the life that feels right and good to you!

You get immediate access to the ENTIRE membership right now (this will ROCK YOUR WORLD) for free right now, as part of a 14-day trail to my Soul Membership.

"This is truly life changing, and I'm no  longer the same."

Practical, no-nonsense Spirituality Works!

Here's how to take advantage of the 14 Day Free Trial:

  1. Sign-in now and get the #1 Signature Masterclass for FREE: Master Your Energy—Master Your Life.
  2. You have 14 days with FULL and COMPLETE access to everything inside my Soul Membership. YES! The entire membership is unlocked for free for 14 days!!
  3. If you don't love it and you don't want to automatically join my exclusive membership, then cancel anytime BEFORE the 14-day trial ends with an email to [email protected],  "cancel" in your subject line, and the email you used to sign up in the body of your email.
  4. If you LOVE and stay, then you keep everything AND I'll continue to deliver LIVE masterclasses, plus the added bonuses for being in my Soul Community to include pop-up LIVES with more Soul Coaching, group card readings (and personal card readings from time to time), group energy healing sessions, and SO MUCH MORE!  This monthly Soul Membership is only $17/month and after the 14-day free trial, there is no refund but you can still cancel anytime!


  • With this membership there is no refund and you can cancel anytime by replying to any of my emails to you or writing to [email protected]
  • If you cancel, you lose access to the Energy Mastery Masterclass and any other masterclasses or bonuses with this offer.

Disclaimers: Course instructor is not a licensed practitioner, physician, nor medical professional, and offers no medical diagnoses, treatments, suggestions, or counseling. The information in the program is for educational uses only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek medical approval from a licensed physician before beginning any diet, exercise, health, or lifestyle improvement program. The instructor and One Wise Life claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage or alleged directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the information in the course, and by registering for this or any of our courses you accept all liability and responsibility for your decisions, actions, mental health, physical wellbeing, and results in life. All our terms and conditions related to the course and our company can be found on our terms page.

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