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"Maria Flynn is a heart-centered powerhouse who is organically changing the ives of millions of people through her wisdom, insights, experience, and expertise and generosity of giving and sharing."

~ Lauren Jawno, High-Performance CoachTM, Author, Speaker 


"Maria is doing important and amazing work, by creating a dialogue online that helps others as well as champion other voices to be heard. She is one of the most authentic and kind hearted people I know. She's an outstanding example of someone doing something good on the internet." 

~ John Kim, Therapist / Life Coach, Author, Speaker 


Maria is a wise soul who has the amazing ability to tap into the energy of others and give them information they need at just the right time. I have been following her journey for a few years now as she taps into spirituality and gives amazing advice on her live show 'Live With Maria Flynn' and in her amazing group: 'Funk To Freedom' as well as the various programs she has. However, don't let that soft, spiritual side of her nature fool you, she is not afraid to tell it like it is, but she does it in such as a way as to motivate you - nothing like a spiritual kick in the ass. Maria's wisdom, energy, and uncanny ability to tell you what you need to know at just the right time will leave you feeling energised and much more spiritually connected to the soul of the world.

~ Steven Aitchison, Author, Speaker, Beliefs Expert,  Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life,