You can have the same coaches who have worked with Celebrities, High-Achievers, and Fempreneurs!

Too often, too many, wake up and start their day without intention and inspiration only to end their day farther away from the life they truly desire and deserve!  

You may have experienced success, but somewhere along the way, you found yourself stagnant, unhappy, and re-thinking your life.  You're not alone, you're just missing the things that high-achievers do to live life FULLY and with DEEPER MEANING, and now you can have it, too, for just $1.

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You Can Create An Empowered Life!

You are not alone, you're simply missing the magic ingredients high-achievers use for more SUCCESS and JOY in their life!

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching

Each month, receive over 90 minutes of LIVE Coaching, followed by LIVE Q/A for the tribe.  Attend LIVE or enjoy watching the replays as often as you need on-demand.  This includes a LIVE 1-ON-1 Deep Dive Coaching for the tribe to experience deeper positive transformation and healing.  

Online Tribe

A closed Facebook Group for a tribe dedicated to living their best life and SUPPORTING YOU as you create yours.  Connection and community is key to success in every area of life and the Mojo Coaches are present weekly to keep you engaged and on track.


Receive over 18 hours of recorded coaching sessions to review at your leisure, PLUS a FREE BONUS Masterclass and video series—ABUNDANCE Bootcamp, a FREE BOOK download—Change4Good, an additional BONUS Monthly Q/A, and LIVE Monthly Spiritual Card Readings with messages of healing and guidance.

"When you hear and see what Lauren does, you are overwhelmed with the realization of just how fortunate we are to have a high-performance coachTM as a teacher. You guys, I mean, she really represented the power of being a heart-centered, growth-minded woman. Her stories and message lit the place on fire."

Mojo Member

"What's my payoff for holding patterns? Better yet, what am I losing with this "fragmented energy". Losing opportunities by sending cluttered signals to the Universe - A brilliant Mojo Mastery class tonight ladies. Lauren Jawno and Maria Flynn!"

Mojo Member

"Thank you, Maria Flynn, for the really nice card reading for August. Those oracle cards are beautiful. ❤️. Everything you touch turns to GOLD. Your reading and heart-felt delivery was moving. ❤️ My choice to take a chance on Mojo Mastery has really created changes for me. #grateful"

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LISTEN UP.  You've Got Work To Do!

But you don't have to do it alone!  In fact, high-achievers know that belonging to a community that supports your growth is the ONLY way to true and on-going success.

Friends and family can be amazing, but they aren't always the best community to get you where you want to go.  

Maria Flynn and Lauren Jawno, will bring you the proven strategies, mindset, techniques, and the spiritual force that has catapulted their clients to MASSIVE awakening, joy, and purpose.

Now you can get started for just $1!

Why so low? We want to give you an opportunity to experience the love and care our coaching provides. To be sure, you'll have work to do, but we know anything worthwhile is worth the effort and we LOVE working with the individuals who get this!

We'll be your coaches, your mentors, and your guides as we keep you motivated and inspired in our Mojo Mastery Coaching Program to help you create the life you deserve 10X faster than if you go at it alone.

We've been blessed by having amazing coaches and teachers of our own and we want to bring you our combined years of deep experience and proven methods.

Let's Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions

A:  As soon as you join, you'll be directed to join a CLOSED Facebook Group exclusive for MEMBERS ONLY.  Mojo Mastery will be delivered in the Facebook Group LIVE!  

If you can't make it LIVE, replays are available on-demand for you to watch any time you wish.  

PLUS... when you sign up, you'll get access to my membership portal.  When you sign up, you'll get an email with login credentials.  Save the email and you can access the BONUSES archives at your convenience.

A:  The $1 Trail is a 30-day introductory price. If you continue your subscriptions passed the 30th day you will automatically be enrolled in the full $49/Mojo Monthly Coaching Program. You may cancel any time, no questions asked. And, while you can cancel anytime, there is no refund for this program as we have fulfilled and delivered everything on our end.

Send an email with a request to cancel to [email protected] and your request will be cancelled. 

If you do not cancel, your membership will continue to renew monthly for as long as the program exists.

A:  It's simple. Listen to your body. That's what we recommend everyone to do! If you feel the nudge, listen and take action. Energy never lies

We use Facebook to deliver this membership because we want to meet you where you already are. We have proven results with Mojo Mastery Tribe who have experienced breakthroughs, transformational growth, healing, and overcoming challenges. 

Are you new to coaching programs? Then this is perfect because and you'll be supported by us and an entire tribe ready to welcome you and support your elevation!

Do you consider yourself well informed about personal growth and development, energy and the Law of Attraction? Perfect! This will supplement what you've already got going on and empower you.

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