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Feel your energy, manage your energy, heal and release the lower vibrating energy holding you back, and generate energy that supports where your life, purpose, and empowerment!

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Watch Maria Flynn's entire masterclass free for 14 days as part of our Spirituality for the Stubborn Soul Membership trial. Includes access to masterclass archives and meditation library, weekly (REAL TIME) Soul Coaching and Energy Reports, then automatically receive a new masterclass every quarter $17/mo. Cancel anytime.


"This is truly life changing,
and I'm no longer the same.

Let Maria's practical, NO BS approach help you EXPERIENCE, heal, and manifest energy that will support you for the rest of your days!


  • Generate and radiate energy that naturally ATTRACTS outcomes that are soul-aligned with you.

  • AMPLIFY your energy to naturally engage the Law of Attraction in favor of your life more CONSISTENTLY.

  • Naturally and quickly SHIFT to feel better (even and especially when "life happens").

  • Heal and RELEASE deep emotional wounds.

  • RAISE your vibration to support your self, your life, and your loved ones for the LONG-TERM of your life.



Join the waiting list

Meet Your Teacher

Maria teaches high-achieving empathic women and men who’ve quietly silenced that inner voice and inner knowing and who've unintentionally settled into mediocrity. Her mission is to gently wake them up and get them naturally attracting a meaningful and ABUNDANT Lifestyle for the long-term.

Her successful, high integrity, no BS approach and teaching style attracted a global community, and high-level coaches from around the world to collaborate and reach more people around the world (including those from the movie, The Secret).

Creator of One Wise Life (with over 280K Facebook followers), Maria integrates coaching, mindset, strategy, spirituality, and energy work. Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is a PRACTICAL, all-inclusive approach to support your ability to thrive in your life. It’s designed to help you heal and grow, awaken your intuition, and create your life (even and especially when “life happens”).

You can’t do it alone (you weren’t meant to). The Soul Tribe is available to anyone who's inner nudge is aching for more in their life.


What you get today with Maria's Signature Masterclass: Master Your Energy—Master Your Life

Signature Masterclass and Archives

IMMEDIATE Access to Signature Masterclass: Master Your Energy—Master Your Life with FREE 14 Day Trial. PLUS access to Masterclass archives! Every 3 months you'll get a LIVEstreamed Masterclass followed by Q&A where you can connect with me and ask me anything! I'll cover topics that support your growth, healing, and mindset so that you continue your journey to self-mastery. REMEMBER... Repetition is the 2nd element of your transformation (so YES... listen and listen as often as you like).

"When I signed up for Spirituality for the Stubborn Soul, I had know idea whatsoever my very core existence would be shaken. The energy of love, light and peace would enter and reign.❤️"

(REAL TIME) Soul Coaching and Reports

Delivered weekly every Saturday in your membership portal. Includes a Universal Energy Report infused with healing energy and CLEAR and ACTIONABLE guidance for each day. The Soul coaching supports your own ability to manage your week like a BOSS! No more getting caught off guard. You'll be better prepared when "life happens" because of your expanded ability in self-mastery, intuition, empowerment, and knowing your Soul Truth! Get ready to grow and open up your intuition that'll feel natural to you, build your confidence, and expand your attractor factor! Downloadable transcript and MP3 are included for your convenience.

"Ok... 40 seconds into listening to the energy report. WOW! just Awe-freakin-mazing! You are word for word on point and aligned! I released a lot last night"

Meditation Library

The complete library of meditations is yours instantly the moment you join! On the 1st day of each month, Maria will recommend a meditation that complements the month's theme and intention. All meditations are guided by Maria and easy to do—even if you think you can't meditate.

"Bang on what came through. I REALLY needed this message and meditation. I am truly grateful for your guidance and high vibrations Sweet Goddess Maria! Wow! Thank you! ♥️🙏"

Weekly Mantra & Intention

The mantra will support you and keep you on track each week. When we practice mantras together, we expand the energy, our attractor factor, and stay empowered and on path. Mantras support everyone in the Soul Community to speak the next level of your life into existence. So even if you forget your mantra (it happens), the community is still saying it for themselves and holding space for the greatest good of all in the community!

"Thank you! I love this weeks mantra and your message spoke to my heart and has given me a sense of hope. 🙏"

Community, Support, and Friendship

You'll get support and build momentum in your week, because Soul Members are highly encouraged to share their wins, and embrace struggles with a commitment to personal growth. Here's where each member receives even more support and wisdom from other Soul Members! This community is unlike any other and stand ready to welcome and wrap you with high LOVE vibes! Plus, Plus, Plus... Pop-Up LIVEs with Maria to help navigate the Universal Energy when it gets a little wonky (and it does) and to answer your questions.

"People like you is precisely the reason I love being in this tribe. Thank you.❤️"


The complete ABUNDANCE Challenge Video TrainingABUNDANCE Masterclass, Ebook: Choose ABUNDANCE, and my lecture: Wealth Always and in ALL Ways. Find it all in your membership portal the second you join! PLUS my free gift, 11 Days of Surrender (Transcript and Guide), yours to keep forever!

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