Energy Makeover is Over... Dangit!


You can still download my free meditation!!

BUMMER ... This Event Is Over

You can still receive my free (easy-to-do) Grounding Meditation as a gift!

Host: Maria Flynn, Creator of One Wise Life, Mojo Mastery Coaching, and Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul

Learn to think with an ABUNDANT Mindset, Connect with the Universe, Expand your Intuition, and feel more CONFIDENT about where your life is going.

Day 1: Harmonic Decisions

That ONE THING you think you need may not be what creates harmony in your life. Learn where to find your energy that's attracting and that requires your attention. There is no amount of vision-boarding that will help you until you understand this about yourself. Reshape how you understand life, and you'll have better control in your life.

Day 2: Exploring Your Life With Clarity

Do you know what is keeping your life on hold? You a have a great career, nice home, a car, maybe even a family... but still you have an inner ache. It's time to understand what it is and how to honor it. Eliminate the habits that add to confusion and clutter energy and how to more easily lean into your purpose.

Day 3: Empowered Sensitivity

Your sensitivity isn't a problem... it's your SUPER POWER! Learn how find your empowerment. This lesson will BLOW YOUR MIND when you realize the popular lessons around "protecting" yourself are really holding you back and why.

Day 4: Energetic Power of Joy

The often misunderstood energy and power of joy may have you creating a bigger gap between you and what you want in your life. This training will get you thinking and actively changing up your life to experience the joy that attracts ABUNDANCE! 

Day 5: Setting Boundaries (plus Q&A)

Saying NO and setting boundaries are essential to an ABUNDANT Lifestyle. Learn the strategies to setting the right boundaries so you have the energy and space to welcome more ABUNDANCE the way you want to experience it.

In a world so ready to engage the Law of Attraction, why is it that you still struggle to manifest ABUNDANCE (the way you want to experience it)?

Download Your Free Meditation

 Vision boards, visualization, positive thinking are good but they're only 1/2 the information.

You manage to get some results but the BIGGER more meaningful things you want in your life are still out of reach. 

  • Does worry dictate your day?

  • Is what's wrong consuming you?

  • Are your decisions based on past experiences that didn't pan out like you thought?

  • Do you make decisions based on circumstance over possibility?

Even if you do daily positive visualization for 15 minutes a day, the power resides in what you think, say, and do the other 23 hours and 45 minutes left in the day.

If your natural instinct is leaning into limiting thoughts and beliefs—and lower vibrating responses—then you have one part of you saying "YES" for 15 minutes a day and the rest of your day putting on the brakes stopping your ability to create and manifest a meaningful ABUNDANT life.

When you do this you shut out the most important part of you that is Divinely and naturally designed to win and work WITH the rhythm and flow of Universe!

The 5-Day Energy Makeover is NOT fluff and woo-woo!

It's practical spirituality and a no-nonsense approach to creating an ABUNDANT LIFE with confidence by intellectualizing energy!

This 5-Day Energy Makeover is for high-achievers who understand that life is more than instant gratification and a quick-fix. If that is what you're looking for, then this event is NOT for you.

Intellectualizing energy means you have to think SMARTER (not harder) and have the willingness to break the rules of how you've always done things so that you experience something BETTER!

This Event Is Over, But You Can Still Receive Your FREE Meditation

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