The Secret To An ABUNDANT Lifestyle 

Release the blocks that keep your life on hold and create the space for IMMEDIATE ABUNDANCE!
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✅ Maria will guide you through a visualization that will provide INSTANT RELEASE  (RELEASING the BLOCKS that are keeping your life on hold). 


✅ Reconnect with what's POSSIBLE and what you really want for your life. You'll walk away with profound CLARITY about what you need to do to get there with EASE.


✅This is MANIFESTATION at its finest and vastly different from "wishing" and "hoping" and "giving it to the Universe."  Break open your Spiritual Force to CREATE (and learn why it WORKS).
Every. Single. Time.


A Spiritual teacher, mentor/coach, and writer, Maria has over 290K Facebook followers and a Facebook LIVE show reaching over 15,000 people weekly. Maria has fostered a dedicated fanbase spanning the globe. 
As well as being a hands-on coach with her clients, Maria also lectures, writes columns and has worked with Master Teachers from around the world (including those from the movie and book, The Secret).
Her #1 download, Funk To FREEDOM has helped others with weight loss, overcoming narcissistic relationships, gaining confidence, finding joy, and staying young.
In this Masterclass, Maria will guide you to the instant release that’s possible with her unique and personal approach to visualization.

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Experience Maria's Remarkable Energy Healing
Visualization That Instantly Raises Your Vibrations And Opens You To

" I am SO SO THANKFUL that I stumbled upon YOU!! You AMAZE ME!! 🎉💜💙💃🏻😁💐⭐️ GOLD STAR!! ⭐️⭐️"

Brenda B.

"Maria Flynn this Masterclass was absolutely outstanding, everything and more of what I expected it to be. Thank you. ❤️❤️⭐️"

Estella M.

"I've had a lot of anger and frustration lately so this is very helpful!"

Kelly M.

"This was absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much Maria!!! 😍🙏💖"

Kim S.

"Even at work I was able to relax and tune in. Loved it."

Johanna P.

"That was what I was missing! We are creating space with this exercise to let what we want come naturally to us. We don't have to chase it."

Kelly S.

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