What you want for your life is closer than you think!

My 3-week online retreat is PROVEN to break down the holding patterns in your life. Discover a renewed sense of energy and intuitive flow helping you shape the life you DESERVE by ramping up your ATTRACTOR FACTOR!! I created this online retreat so you can fall in love with life again! Feel connected, and confident, and STOP settling for mediocrity and "just enough" for your life. It's time to redirect your energy and create an ABUNDANT Lifestyle!

Inside ABUNDANCE Bootcamp...

21 Day Sadhana

21 Days: No fluff. No fillers. Only a real and practical approach to a Spiritual practice designed by Maria. For 21 days take a transformational journey that will build your confidence and move you from resistance to RECEPTIVITY.


Week 1: Three Master Lessons where you'll learn the science to empower your mindset!  When YOU know better, you can DO better. Level up your life with direction that's CLEAR and CONCISE so that you shift from chasing to ATTRACTING.

Sacred Thrumbprint

Week 2: Three Master Lessons including energy work! Everything is energy and energy is EVERYTHING! We'll dive into spirituality and what it means in your everyday life. This will include a a visualization that will help you ground and reduce anxiety!


Week 3: Three Master Lessons on the practical methods to continuous ABUNDANCE. Time is infinite, but your time here is not. I'll share SPECIFICALLY what it takes to build your energetic potency and welcome more MAGIC in your life.

BONUS Goodies Include...

Free BONUS Ebook: Choose ABUNDANCE: The Principles of Creating A Life That FLOWS To Greater Riches. ABUNDANCE magic is in the Mindset!  I'll cover ABUNDANCE FLOW for each area of life to support your mindset around Money, Relationships, Spirituality, Health, and more!

2 Free BONUS Meditation Downloads, Heal and Release and Creating An ABUNDANT Lifestyle. Empower yourself, connect to your own healing magic and break the bonds from your old stories, olds hurts, and struggles. 

BONUS Lecture: Prosperity Always in All Ways. Includes a powerful visualization to RELEASE your limiting beliefs around your money mindset. 

You'll Get...

9 Master Lessons: 9 Total Master Lessons, 3 for each of the proven ABUNDANCE Pillars: PractiClarity, Sacred Thumbprint, and FLOWmentum to provide massive, sustainable and life-changing breakthroughs.

12 Video Lessons to reinforce the master lessons for each of the 3 pillars.. You'll get a daily lesson keeping you engaged and supporting your success

CLOSED Facebook Group community exclusive for student of ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. This community is POSITIVE ENERGY 10X and so supportive.

21 emails from me supporting your success each day of this online retreat and prompting you to get to the video lesson of the day. You won't forget, because I won't let you. 

Who can you become in 21 days?

You're invited to bring your BRAVE and join me for
ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive

Think "Eat, Pray, Love"
but all online!


If you've been feeling the nudge to step-it-up in your life, my ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive will bring it all together for you!

Learn to let go, heal, create space, and SHIFT from resistance to RECEPTIVITY!

21 Days that feels like an Eat, Pray, Love kind of retreat, but it's all ONLINE with a HIGH ENERGY and interactive Facebook Group!

ABUNDANCE BLOCKS can show up anywhere in your life and are reflected in these common personality traits.

Is this you?

  • Comfort Seeker. Avoiding anything unfamiliar giving yourself a false sense of confidence by staying in the status quo/  You fear failure most of all and are dangerously getting comfortable settling into  mediocre living.
  • People Pleaser. The mom, sister, friend who puts everyone before yourself. Says YES to everyone so you don't hurt anyone's feelings—sacrificing your own needs and finding yourself DRAINED most of the time.
  • Positivity Detour-ist. Jumping right into affirmations, and "positive thinking" fooling yourself that it's the "right thing" to do to avoid anything you've deemed "negative" or "bad energy" but the crap just keeps showing up in your life.
  • Spirituality Detour-ist. Relying on Spirituality, meditation, yoga, oracle cards, and reiki to help you heal past pains, but it just keeps showing up and you feel like you are the one who's mentally weak and doing something wrong.
  • Balance Believer. Struggling most of all seeking what doesn't exist, "Life Balance." You're juggling your life, over-scheduled, "busy", and waiting for life to settle down for the "right time" AND "some day" to focus on yourself and your own nurturing and personal development. It's no surprise that something else always comes up, leaving your life on hold (once again).

If you answered 'YES'' then you're in the right place!

My 3-Week Intensive is a PROVEN 3-week online retreat breaking down holding patterns in your life. You'll discover a renewed sense of energy and intuitive flow helping you shape and CREATE the life you DESERVE by ramping up your ATTRACTOR FACTOR!!
I created this online retreat so you can fall in love with life again and re-discover your confidence about what's possible for you.




By far, the best thing I did for myself last year. Going through this program was a truly remarkable game-changer for me. Maria helped me create physical, mental, and spiritual energetic space where growth and expansion occurred. Her masterclasses are thoughtfully planned out and brilliantly delivered with concise, clear explanations of ideas, concepts, and practical strategies for living a life of empowerment and abundance. Her expertise in energy, healing, and meditation adds a special and unique quality to her work. Understanding who I truly am and learning the actions I can take to live with greater clarity and purpose deeply enhanced because of this program. Abundance Bootcamp has helped me discover how to align with my soul’s truth. Maria’s grace and light burns with passion for her work and community, and I’m so very blessed and grateful to be here. ~Estella

Since doing the Abundance Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive last year, I continue to be amazed at the shifts that have taken place in my mindset and, as a result, in my life. Simply put - it changed my life by changing my perspective and focus which opened up so many joyful and positive opportunities that have made me eager and enthusiastic about everything ! Eye-opening, fun, and interesting is how I would describe it. Specifically, this Abundance bootcamp made me more aware of my thoughts, words & actions and the motivation behind them. These things create energy through emotions and patterns, and with Maria's guidance I learned this energy is creating my life - so I need to tend to it… repeatedly. Seriously, this stuff works and those around you will see a difference but more importantly – you will see a difference! Like Maria, I am a practical and no nonsense girl, and this program was awesome for me as it was practical and relatable so I can now expand my spiritual force and attract more of what I want in my life! ~Julie

Maria Flynn has a straightforward, honest approach to implementing the wisdom from her own life experiences and she noticeably has a strong sense of herself and belief in the Universe. With these qualities, she provides a structured and supportive space through her online groups where I feel safe being vulnerable. Maria is mindful in preparing her programs, such as the Abundance Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive, in which I participated last year and I'll be doing it again this year! The Abundance Bootcamp enabled me to gain more confidence, insight, and a greater love of myself. Maria's guided meditation, and interactive experiment with energy, deepened my spirituality and increased my awareness in all that I do, say, and bring, wherever I am. Maria Flynn is a heart-centered, approachable, motivational, and an influential woman, who gives her best self to light the way for others who need more strength to move onward and upward, and always for the greatest good. I am so grateful to Maria, and I look forward to continued growth with her guidance. ~Christine

I am beyond grateful for Maria. She was the light when my world was very dark. All her shows and programs led me to meet beautiful people and to Abundance Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive, which is a great tool to help you get out of your comfort zone, and stop being stagnant. I really felt how Abundance Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive helped me tremendously with those repeating patterns I used to have. I discovered many of my gifts and was able to start building the life of my dreams. This program helps you find your WHY and your MOJO. I would like to say, Maria, you did an AWESOME JOB. As we are always in constant growth and rebuilding ourselves, this is why I feel more people need to take Abundance Bootcamp because it not only helped me heal but it also reshaped those old beliefs that were keeping me away from great things. You are awesome. Thank you for being the sparkle for a world full of possibilities. ~Johanna

Abundance Bootcamp Three Week Intensive has amazingly changed my life. Maria’s knowledge, experience, compassion, and practical approach has helped me look deep inside myself to find my authentic self. She has given me tools to work through blocks and bring abundance in all areas of life connecting mind, body, and spirit. Abundance Bootcamp Three Week Intensive has been one of the best investments I have ever made for myself! I refer back to what I’ve learned constantly and keep leveling up! Absolutely life changing! I am forever grateful! ~Cathy

Thank you Maria for helping me to understand the Power of Awareness which has lead to Self Empowerment. This brought me many awakenings and aha moments. Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy is a reality. Each time I make the investment in myself I gain a deeper understanding of this journey of life I am on and all the possibilities that await me. I am filled with the deepest gratitude for all the doors you help us to open. ~Cheryl


WELCOME SOUL SISTERS and BROTHERS!  I'm Maria Flynn, the Founder and creator of One Wise Life, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul, ABUNDANCE Bootcamp, writer of ebook, Funk to FREEDOM!, and co-founder of Mojo Mastery Group Coaching.

I'm a HUGE fan and supporter of Personal and Spiritual Growth because it transformed my own life. I went from feeling TRAPPED and NUMB to creating an ABUNDANT Lifestyle (manifesting more than what I could imagine I would ever accomplish in my life). 

It also led me to work with some of the most amazing teachers and Masters from around the world, including from The Secret. 

Working behind the scenes with the masters was AMAZING but I also found myself FRUSTRATED when enthusiastic students would hit a brick wall, come up short, feel deflated, disappointed, and then even worse... GIVE UP and settle back into MEDIOCRE LIVING!

In 2015, I decided to remove the fluff and introduce a practical approach to ABUNDANCE online. My message resonated and my online communities grew to over 280K followers on Facebook including a popular Facebook LIVE show Mind Mastery Monday.

FAST FORWARD to 2018, I took everything that worked and combined it into ONE SUCCESSFUL online experience called ABUNDANCE Bootcamp!

ABUNDANCE Bootcamp is my Signature Series and the next 21 days promises to be a transformational online retreat that includes a Sadhana (designed by me), Masterclasses, Spiritual and energetic awakening exercises, a closed Facebook group that's high-energy, and massively supportive.

You'll receive 21 days of transformational lesson with a PRACTICAL approach. You'll have access to everything so you can watch replays, get your downloads, and more!

Think... "Eat, Pray, Love" but online!

By the time you complete this journey, you'll feel EMPOWERED as you make this year YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

You're invited to bring your brave and join me for ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No worries! All masterclasses will be available for replay in my program portal. I encourage you to schedule when to watch the masterclasses so you don't fall behind.

The 3-Week Intensive is proven successful, but for it to be successful for you, you have to show up. 

I make sure each masterclass is engaging and fun! You won't want to miss them. :)

A:  YES! You have 7 days from the day you purchase to request a refund by email to [email protected]. This gives you a chance to test out the first week of ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive. If you feel it's not for you, send an email requesting a refund by or before the 7 days from your date of purchase and you'll get a complete refund. Any requests after the 7 days will not be honored. No Exceptions.

A:  As soon as you sign up you'll be sent a confirmation email and details to access my membership portal. You'll also receive an email with a link to our exclusive Facebook Group.  If you ever you have an issue accessing the portal simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get you sorted PROMPTLY. 

A:  This is a 3-Week Intensive and while it's not required you attend each day, I recommend you attempt to carve out time each day so that you build your energetic momentum and frequency. This is what helps YOU experience the shifts you've been looking for in your life.

The Sadhana portion of the retreat is completely optional. However, it will supplement and expand your energy and experience in deep and transformational ways (the results vary for everyone).

Nothing about the 3-Week Intensive is difficult and I'll be emailing you reminders daily. However, it does require you to show up so you can soak up the juicy rewards of ramping up your own ATTRACTOR FACTOR!

I can tell you how AMAZING ABUNDANCE Bootcamp is but, RIGHT NOW, it's more important that you listen to your body signals. Energy never lies. 


What Others Inside ABUNDANCE Bootcamp Are Saying...

The MAGIC is in your mindset.



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