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Your Energy Makeover

PLUS... My 30-Day Self-Love Challenge Starting January 1, 2020.
Discover the PRACTICAL and No-Nonsense Approach to Manifesting

More Love - More Joy - More Prosperity - More Naturally!

It's Time For SMARTER (not harder)


Maria Flynn, founder of One Wise Life, brings to light why you've been doing all the "right things" and still feel like you're missing something. Mediocre living is not your calling! Maria has successfully shared how you can identify your energy with PRECISION that requires your attention the MOST so you can raise your vibration and manifest more of the things and experiences you desire!


What's inside Your Energy Makeover
may surprise you...and even SHOCK YOU!


You found me!! 

Hi there! It's me, Maria Flynn...

If vision boards, visualization, "rituals", and writing yourself a check from the Universe haven't worked like you thought they would, then you're in the right place!

You found me because you desire an authentic ABUNDANT lifestyle to include...

  • Personal fulfillment...
    (over working so damn much all the time).

  • Loving and supportive relationships...
    (your open heart is not an invitation for it to be stomped on).

  • More joy and laughter...
    (the kind that makes your cheeks hurt).

  • Spiritual and personal growth...
    (open up your intuition MORE so that it's proactive in your life).

  • Wealth and prosperity...
    (more money and more freedom of choice, who the heck doesn't want that?) 

  • And you want to improve your ability to manifest it all with more ease and grace, too!
    (doesn't it feel so "forced" sometimes?)

I'm SO OVER broad-stroked theory and "gimmicks" around the Law of Attraction, and my PRACTICAL approach has proven successful (more consistently and for the long-term) for my growing community and I want to share it with you!

One thing's for sure, Your Energy Makeover will help redirect your energy and attention to what matters in your life.

It's time to EXPLORE, EXPAND and ENJOY!


PS: I know you get deluged with links and invitations—so if you've made it this far THANK YOU for reading and for being here. My intention is to serve you at the highest level. 


Your Energy Makeover Ebook
PLUS... BONUS Audio Training!!!

There's some serious things missing when we talk about the Law of Attraction...  

The Secret, The Secret Behind the Secret, and "rituals" ALL have their place, but they won't work if you haven't addressed 5 key areas of your life (that when properly understood) have the potential to LEVEL UP and change your life experience INSTANTLY!

The No BS Approach To The Law of Attraction and Creating A Fulfilling and Meaningful ABUNDANT Life!

Myths behind some popular ideas like
"life balance" and "protecting your energy" and "Putting your intentions out to the Universe" are DEBUNKED!

I've never considered myself a "stage speaker"—but I do recognize my ability to teach so you make profound connections that work for your life—NO MATTER YOUR PRESENT STATE AND CIRCUMSTANCE!

1000s have praised my "no BS approach" in my trainings. The general consensus for Your Energy Makeover was that a weight had been lifted and they were able to see what they were doing wrong and course-correct moving forward

It's time for a SMARTER (not harder) approach to the Law of Attraction and energy in a way that you feel it, live it, and experience more ABUNDANCE in your life... more consistently! 

"So needed this, thank you." ~Kathy H.


"Thank you Maria! You have unlocked a dark dungeon for me that has lost its key for. . . Learning about good high impact energy versus low energy was the key to what was happening to me. Thank you for teaching this to me (how to to prevent the triggers that were bringing on the behavior and what to do to prevent that)." ~Tonya L.

"Just what I need to hear. Thank you!" ~Catherine P.

"OMG...the best educational aspects of being an empath and sensitive I have ever seen." ~Daren H.

"This one speaks directly to my soul." ~Suellen D.

"You have changed my life. Thank you Maria!" ~Ann S.

"BAM! The missing piece!" ~Tammy J.

Maria's E-book is a game changer. She has the incredible skill of taking concepts that you've maybe intellectually known for maybe too long but never really been able to apply it in your life. I was fortunate enough to have this experience just a few pages in. If you are not consistently applying what you read and know - there is a reason - something hasn't truly clicked for you and you probably have not worked with Maria. Maybe it's time to do something different and get a different result.
~Lauren Jawno, Author, Speaker, and Director of Coaching, Growth.com

The BONUSES... !!!

BONUS #1  One training per day, the 5-Day Audio Training, Your Energy Makeover, supplements your ebook! Get the exact training from my LIVE Training where attendees experienced breakthroughs! Valued over $297!!

BONUS #2 Everyone can meditate and this one is easy and short (on purpose). Grounding and Clearing will help you clear out the energetic clutter (yes, it's a thing) so that you can better receive. Enjoy this gift anytime and anywhere! This meditation is for everyone (even if you think you can't meditate)

BONUS #3 You'll receive an invitation to join my PRIVATE Facebook Group, Spiritually SMART (for the smart, sassy, and a little bad assy). 💜

Here's where we'll raise the level of thinking and ENERGY VIBRATION!

BONUS #4 Starting January 1, 2020 join me for the 30-Day Self-Love Challenge!! The secret behind manifesting anything starts with your energy (what you vibrate). The more you raise your vibration, the more you naturally attract the people, the opportunities, and the experiences that match YOU! My 30-Day Self-Love Challenge is designed to support you raising your own vibration! We're doing it with self-LOVE (after all, LOVE is the highest vibration). 💚 

BONUS #5 ENDING Self-SabotageWatch a 2-Part Series to learn exactly where the source of your sabotage begins and what to do to create a new experience, and new results in your life.

In The Audio Training You'll Explore The Precise 5 Areas Of Your Life FIRST That'll BOOST YOUR ATTRACTOR FACTOR!


What is the energy in your instinct? (It's ok, most people don't know the answer). I'll reveals the biggest reason why vision boards and visualization aren't working like you thought they would AND you'll know IMMEDIATELY what you must do to turn it around.

It's SMARTER (not harder)!


If you've done all the "right things" but still feel like your MISSING something in your life, you are not alone. Remove the overwhelm and get yourself back on track so that you're living more authentically (your Soul Truth) and maximize your ATTRACTOR FACTOR. It's practical and effective and it's not too late!


***Most Popular Training***

Being "too sensitive" is not a problem. It's a GIFT!  Stop listening to those who tell you to "toughen up." Your sensitivity makes you naturally SMARTER. Inside this training and chapter you'll learn the exact lessons that students from my training had and who experienced instant release and BREAKTHROUGHS!


When life is stressful, creating a happy life becomes a task your brain struggles to grasp. In this training, I reveal how you must toss "making a happy life" out the window, and understand the energy of joy instead. It goes a long way to clearing up your energetic signal (the one the Universe hears and responds to). This is how you naturally cultivate JOY!


When properly understood, boundaries aren't that difficult. They're essential to creating an ABUNDANT LIFE! Because the energy of boundaries is so often misunderstood, then so are the weird results. You'll complete day 5 with a new perspective and empowerment that helps you set boundaries with more grace and ease!

Manifesting The Easy Things is One Level of Energy and Attraction (You May Have Mastered That), But Creating a Fulfilling and Meaningful and ABUNDANT Life is Another Level!

Nothing about this is difficult. In fact, I believe a practical, no-nonsense approach works BEST for today's busy lifestyle, don't you?

I get it!

I'm a wife, a soccer mom, and an entrepreneur.

I care about my health and lifestyle, my emotional stamina, and well-being.

Practical and effective is the only way that works for me...

It's time to for SMARTER (not harder)!

✔  Discover the PRECISE moments and energy that require your attention the MOST (and BOOST your ATTRACTOR FACTOR)—and open up your INTUITION to be a more proactive part of your life!

✔  Learn how to effectively BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE and live authentically (who you are and why you're here) so that you STOP working against the current and build an energetic momentum that the Universe can hear and respond to with CLARITY.

✔  Learn why feeling everything (being empathic) makes you naturally SMARTER! It’s a gift. Your acute emotional insight is the very thing that can help you shift your energy TOWARD more personal empowerment!

✔  Learn why your brain can't sync with "making a happy life" and why you must toss that idea altogether! Renew your sense of inner joy and learn the steps to CULTIVATE JOY NATURALLY (no matter how you're feeling right now).

✔  Kindness is not an excuse to be bulldozed! Learn how BOUNDARIES (when properly understood and peacefully applied) STIMULATE an ABUNDANT Mindset and deepen important relationships! This lesson will REMOVE THE STRESS around boundary setting.

Now It's Your Turn!

EBOOK and ALL 5 BONUSES (5-Day Audio Trainings, Meditation, Exclusive Online Community, 2-Part Series Ending Self-Sabotage, and 30-Day Self-Love Challenge!)

Your Energy Makeover complete package is valued over $497You can have it delivered to your inbox today for only $9.99!

Please don't misinterpret this as "cheap"—it's priced to make it accessible to everyone. Energetically, it's an action in investment that speaks louder (vibrates higher) than "dabbling" ever will.

$9.99 also represents the end of a numeric cycle and that's on purpose! It's high time you begin a new cycle with RESULTS!



You Are A Sacred Thumbprint Of The Universe!

That's not "woo-woo"—it's TRUTH!

Already you have within you the ability to live ABUNDANTLY and to MANIFEST.

The fact is...

You're already experiencing it!

You're either ABUNDANTLY happy, prosperous, fulfilled, and living your purpose


You're ABUNDANTLY in the opposite direction of that.

You may have the material nice things around you (proof you can manifest), but still feel like you're missing something


I don't just teach this, I live it and breathe it myself! 

There's no "secret" here—it's simply utilizing your own INTELLECT and connecting the dots in your life that create profound change. The bottom line is, when you know better you DO better.

Your Energy Makeover comes from my 5-Day LIVE Online Training that ROCKED the lives for those who attended. The training is valued over $497 and you can have the same training for $9.99!

YES!  Only $9.99!

  • Manage your life and energy with more confidence and empowerment!

  • Learn how to open up your intuition and use it PRO-ACTIVELY (in other words, not after the fact when you find yourself saying, "I knew it").

  • Gain ABSOLUTE clarity about why you attract what you do and how to re-direct it with ease and grace.

  • Let your EMPATHIC, HIGH SENSITIVE SELF, and natural SMARTS work on your behalf.

What do you have to do?

Check your body signals (those internal nudges) and make the decision using your own intuition right now and then click the button below.

Your Energy Makeover ebook and audio course will be sent to your inbox today!

You have 7 days from your date of purchase to request a refund if you're not satisfied. PLEASE NOTE: If you request a refund, you get to keep EVERYTHING you receive! I'm fully aware the risk is more mine than yours, but I trust the Universe implicitly and I know how energy works. This comes to you with love and integrity. For more information, please read the FAQ below. ~Maria

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Answer: Yes!

Listen, even though this ebook and training are easy to do, practical, and succinct (I don't mince words), YOU still have to choose to show up for yourself.

This supports YOU using your own INTELLECT. I help you put the pieces together.

If you're stuck in that "instant mentality" and you're just looking for BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, MORE, this isn't for you. Think about it, isn't that what got you in trouble in the first place? 

I teach that anything great, meaningful, and purposeful IS NOT built on convenience and comfort (that's ego driven and a very weak foundation from which to build—and far removed from an ABUNDANT mindset).

Bottom line: I have a great family, a nice home, and then I nearly lost it all when I got sick and incurred massive debt. I felt fragile and anxiousness was taking over. On top of it all I was dealing with a NARCISSIST in my life. Then, I applied what I share in the ebook and audio course and my life turned around.

So, YES... this does work!


Money is HGH ENERGY.

INVESTING is HIGH ENERGY ACTION (because you invest so that you RECEIVE a greater ROI, Return On Investment).

You spend for short-term distraction, and immediate gratification that eventually goes away—and then you look for your next "hit" in the form of things, and distraction. 

Charging $9.99 is for you to invest and level-up, in a way that doesn't feel risky.

When you have a real grasp of how energy works in every aspect of your life, then everything MATTERS!

There's more...

Numbers carry energy, too!

9 is the end of the numerical cycle and the momentum influences the next cycle. $9.99 is a way to MAGNIFY the energy and momentum to support you and POSITIVELY influence the next cycle in  your own life.

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You have 7 days from your date of purchase to request a refund if you're not satisfied.

***PLEASE NOTE: If you request a refund, you get to keep EVERYTHING you receive!

I'm fully aware.. the risk is more mine than yours, but I trust the Universe implicitly and I know how energy works. This comes to you with love and integrity.

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