Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership

For The Spiritually Smart, Sassy and a Little Bad Assy!


Would you like to...

Learn to hear your intuition?

Pro-actively trust your intuition more consistently?

Learn to recognize and interpret the Universal Signs you're given all the time?

Create an ABUNDANT lifestyle (and stop head-butting into brick walls?)

Bring your spirit back into your heart-centered business (and stop being overrun by it?)

Manage your life well (and stop life from managing you?)

I've seen this struggle time and time again and it's why I created...

PRACTICAL Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul 


It's the answer when you've realized vision boards, visualization, and writing yourself a check from the Universe have only taken you so far...

People aren't attracted to how much "work" you do or "what" you do, they're attracted to your Spirit and your Energy!


Hey there over-achiever... if you want to create something exciting for your life (that works when you do), then it's time to do something different!  YES?


Awakening Your Sout Truth Is
Finding That Missing Puzzle Piece In Your Life! 

Break open your intuition - trust your inner wisdom  - eliminate mental fog - adopt confidence - create an abundant lifestyle

Spirituality wasn't always cool...but in today's world it's the saving grace for people around the world who know there is something more to life than just the material things making up your day-to-day experiences.

My Spiritual journey began decades ago when I realized with absolute certainty that the information I was receiving from the Universe was equally valid and as important as what I learning from the world around me.

What I share in Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is what literally saved my own life and has helped 1000s of people around the world—this is why I feel compelled and am committed to sharing my unique techniques and my daily intuitive guidance with as many people as possible because everyone deserves to awaken their gift of intuition, enjoy more prosperity, and experience more freedom and joy in their life.

Since starting my Spiritual teaching in 2008 (using my meditations, my proven Spiritual techniques, and my online courses), my clients have consistently achieved more empowered and ABUNDANT lives...and Heart-centered entrepreneurs found that they were better able to serve their own communities, too!

This ROCKS my world!!

As I watched Spiritual businesses increase over the years, I noticed that Spirituality was becoming more of a trend and a new form of "escapism" from real life struggles. It's my experience that true transformation and ABUNDANCE happen when you awaken your own Spiritual Force. So in 2016, I started a daily LIVE on Facebook with real talk about PRACTICAL Spirituality and what it looks in real life. Fast forward to today, and I have over 288K followers across the globe and a tribe of committed community members who demanded more. And so... my ebook Funk To FREEDOM was born followed by my Mojo Mastery Group Coaching, my 3-Week Online Intensive—ABUNDANCE Bootcamp, and Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul for those who are committed to creating their life by their design more CONSISTENTLY.

My Soul members are committed to their transformation and have experienced TRUE and MEANINGFUL changes in their lives to include more confidence, more fulfillment, prosperity, and best of all...more JOY!

But here's the thing...


Life will always present new challenges and changes (you can bank on it) and without the right teacher AND community, old habits and patterns will fog the flow of your Spiritual Force and you find yourself right back where you started.

You've got to be willing to BREAK THE RULES of how you've always done things and choose something new so you can experience something BETTER!

Your life is YOUR business...so go ahead and promote yourself to CEO! 😊

"For me it has been learning to trust myself and the Universe and letting go of what no longer serves me. I have started the process of a huge transition and transformation. I am no longer just flowing with what life brings, but now choosing the life I want!! I am facing my fears and jumping "all in"!!!"

Rhonda Cline

"I negotiated an agreement on a community outreach assignment that, because of the spiritual growth I've experienced here, I did not undervalue myself or make assumptions that undercut my worth, and made a successful deal that exponentially puts me on the path to abundance. This all just happened this week. I never expected results to come this fast but the universe really does step up when you put your energy out there."

Freelance Writer
Jay Warner

"I've been offline for a while with technical issues and noticed such a difference without having access to your reports, support from you and the community. Although I did manage to find my way through the many challenges I faced, it was harder. I kept being taken off guard, finding myself out of synch, feeling isolated and struggling to get myself recentred and balanced again. So for me the old saying of not appreciating just how fortunate you are until it's gone was a real wake up call. I love ❤️ love you Maria, all your support and that if everyone in this group. HUGE THANK YOU!! 💜🙏💜"

Tracy John
Health and Wellness Workshop Leader

PRACTICAL Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul

Awaken Your Spiritual Force, trust your intuition,
and increase your confidence about your life and the direction it's going!

Spirituality for the stubborn soul is an amazing group. There's nothing else out there like it that I've found. It's perfect for me. I can't thank you enough for creating it Maria ♥️♥️♥️ ~Tracy J. (Soul Member)
We're waiting for you beautiful!

I know what it's like to fall into a funk, shut down and shut out my own Spiritual Force. I also know the AMAZING things you can manifest in your life when you stay connected to your Soul Truth.

Every person I've connected with LOVES awakening their Spiritual Force, but STRUGGLE keeping this part of their life awake and alive.


Have you ever...

  • Vegged out and binge watched Netflix or spent time on social media knowing you could be doing something to support your self and your personal and spiritual growth but you just can't seem snap out of your funk?

  • Found yourself in relationships with old patterns that hold you back?

  • Felt an inner ache asking for more in your life?

  • Blamed Mercury In Retrograde or the full moon instead of using the energy of each planetary line-up and how it serves and propels your life?

  • Felt trapped and unfulfilled in your life?

  • Get overwhelmed because you feel EVERYTHING and your energy feels zapped?

In a world pushing and forcing visualization for creation and manifestation, this program and group is dedicated to going within, listening, allowing, connecting and letting the Universe, intuition, heart, and love take the lead more naturally.


Become a Soul Member and you will stay consistent and connected to your Spiritual Force every day, be supported, and have FUN!

My practical no-nonsense approach to awakening your Spiritual Force will let you experience a Divine and abundant life (the life aligned to who you really are).


It's Your Time To...

Become Spiritually and Energetically SMART and build your immunities to lower vibrating energies (AKA "when life happens") and keep yourself on a path of EMPOWERMENT and ABUNDANCE.




(Real Time) Members Only Podcast

This is the cornerstone of the program helping you with concise daily intuitive guidance. Enter the week PREPARED that also supports awakening your own intuition! The podcast is infused with high vibe energy sharing the energetic influence to expect for the week ahead. I'll share what's happening with the planetary line-up and it's energetic influence on you so that you can LEVERAGE it! The podcast helps you stop getting caught off guard. 

Weekly Mantra and Intention

Mantras support achievement of goals. Mantras help you prime your brain for the most optimal experience. Mantras effectively keep you on your path especially when you hit a snag in life (because LIFE HAPPENS). I'll share a mantra to support the guidance and intention for the week. When you practice mantras you expand the energy of creation and stay empowered, grounded, and connected.

Weekly Accountability Threads

This group designed so that you'll never lose the momentum in your week, because the weekly thread will expand your wins, embrace your struggles with clarity, and support your commitment to work through them with empowerment and community by your side. Accountability with this Soul Tribe will keep your vibes high and happy! I offer pop-up LIVEs with exclusive content just for this Soul Tribe. If you prefer not to be in the group you can still benefit from the program independently.

Guided Monthly Meditation

Each month, I'll share an easy-to-do guided meditation that supports the energy and intention for the month. Practice daily and level up your attractor factor! The moment you join you'll have full access to the library of mediations along with my recommendation for which one is best for the month based on the Universal energy. My meditations are effective and never time-consuming!

Masterclasses and Q/A Library

4 Masterclasses and by Q&A available on demand, PLUS... impromptu Facebook LIVEs supporting you with "mini" masterclasses, intuitive coaching, and strategies to keep you thriving and spiritually connected.

Private Facebook Group

This Positive and HIGH Energy Facebook Group provides a loving and supportive space for you to grow and explore your Soul Truths (why you're here and the gifts you have to share) as you journey to self-mastery. This group keeps you supported and lifted!


When you sign up, you'll have immediate access to my membership portal and MOST POPULAR Video Series:  ABUNDANCE Bootcamp Challenge, ABUNDANCE Bootcamp Masterclass, My Ebook: Choose ABUNDANCE, and my Lecture: Wealth Always and in ALL Ways.

PLUS... Receive a GIFT when you join!

11 Days Of Surrender Guide. 11 days of messages from the Universe as I felt them come through in meditation about the things to surrender so that you can create the energy and space to welcome more of what you DO want in your life.

Become A Soul Member

(Inside the membership)

What Soul Members Are Saying...

Practical Spirituality is SMART and it WORKS!

It's the next thing to having me as your coach each week.

I've connected and worked with high profile coaches and spiritual teachers doing amazing things in the world, but I kept noticing the amount of energy it took to bring communities together (travel expenses, time away from home, long contracts, deadlines, lack of connection, and more). Online is the ONE PLATFORM where you already are. PRACTICAL Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is RIGHT for the times. This membership is what I was looking for when I was starting my journey.  It is evolutionary!

Embracing your Soul Truth is hard work when you attempt to do it alone—and it's why so many DROP THE BALL!

When you abandon your Spiritual force, then the gap between you and what you want in your life gets BIGGER and BIGGER, leaving you feeling disempowered. Then, somehow your good intention gets lost in translation, and your Spiritual Force goes back on the shelf for "later."

You already know this doesn't work and it's why I have weekly, monthly, and quarterly Spiritual and Energetic connections to keep you engaged, connected to your own intuition, and excited about your life and supporting your natural ability to work WITH the Universe!

Remember, you can't just talk about the Universe without acknowledging what's happening IN the Universe. 

If fact, it's when you work WITH the Universe that you create the Divine Cosmic Collision that unlocks your great potential!

It doesn't matter if you're just starting or if you've been following me for years, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul fits into your lifestyle right now.

I'll be your Spiritual leader, teacher, and guide every step of the way!

Everything Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is PRACTICAL and works on your time and schedule.

(Real Time) Members Only Podcast. Enter the week prepared! The podcast will be infused with good vibes and provide a Universal Energy Report for the week. It's a combination of research, meditation, and intuitive coaching that will guide and support you each day. No more getting off guard!

Weekly Mantra and Intention. The mantra will support you and keep you on track.  When you practice mantras together with others, you expand the energy, your attractor factor, and you stay empowered. Mantra's prime your brain so that you have a more harmonic and optimal experience.

Accountability. You'll never lose the momentum in your week, because the weekly thread will expand your wins, embrace your struggles with clarity, and support your commitment to work through them with empowerment and community by your side. This Soul Tribe is ready to welcome you!

Meditation. Each month, I'll share a meditation that supports the energy and intention for the month that aligns with your personal and Spiritual growth. Each is guided and easy to do whenever you choose to do it!

Masterclasses. Every quarter, you'll get a full LIVE group masterclass and intuitive coaching followed by Q/A where you can connect with me and ask me anything!

Community. EVERYTHING in this membership takes place in my membership portal and private Facebook group. You'll be surrounded by a supportive Soul tribe ready to welcome you, support you, and lift you up when life happens and celebrate your every win!

Access To Archives. The moment you join, you'll have access to my membership portal with videos, masterclasses, and lectures supporting ABUNDANCE in every area of your life.

Select Monthly or Yearly...

More questions?

A:  As soon as you join, you'll be directed to join a CLOSED Facebook Group for MEMBERS ONLY.  Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul will be delivered via my private membership portal (you'll get credentials as soon as you sign up)!  We'll also utilize my closed Facebook Group for masterclasses, accountability threads, and more...

Be sure to SAVE the email with the credentials so you can access these archives at your convenience.

A:  If you select the MONTHLY SOUL Memebership:

If you get the Monthly Subscription, you can cancel anytime. Send an email with a request to cancel to [email protected] and your request will be cancelled.  There is no refund because everything in this membership is delivered.


If you invest in the ANNUAL Membership you have a 7 day trial period from the date of purchase and 7 days from date of renewal to cancel. If you choose to cancel within the 7 days, you can cancel and receive a full refund. Simply, send an email request to [email protected]. If request is sent after seven days,  no refund will be issued..

**PLEASE NOTE: While you can cancel anytime, no questions asked— BOTH memberships (monthly and yearly) are ALL IN/ALL OUT LIVE Digital Memberships and the moment you cancel, everything will be removed from your library. 

Stay or cancel, my free gift, 11 Days of Surrender, is yours to keep forever. :)


A:  It's simple. Listen to your body. That's what I recommend everyone to do!  If you feel the nudge, listen and take action. Energy Never Lies

This is for those who ready to step it up in their life and who are ready to delve into something NEW and BETTER!

I use Facebook and my membership portal to deliver this membership because I want to meet you where you already are. I have proven results with communities using Facebook and I know the power of a community. I already know Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul WORKS! :)

Do you consider yourself Spiritually aware or work with other coaches and teachers? Perfect! This will supplement what you've already got going on and empower you.

Beyond a Spiritual Practice, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul will include discussions about Universal energy, intuition, healing work, planetary alignment and their energetic influence, Feng Shui, rituals, and more supporting your practice and awakening your own Spiritual Force.

A:  Short answer, it can take as much or as little time as you need. There's no homework, and no schedule. With the closed Facebook Group, there's no way you'll fall behind either. I encourage you to show up in the Closed Facebook Group, but when and what time is totally up to you!

A: If you cancel, the membership and bonuses will be removed from your Membership portal and you'll be removed from my Soul Tribe Facebook Group.

Please DO KEEP the 11 Days of Surrender Guide.  That's your gift to keep forever. 💚

PS: A lot of Soul Members joined just for the free gift. It's that eye-opening and healing!! 

Join The Soul Tribe and let's strategize an ABUNDANT and EPIC life together!
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