IMPORTANT: Enrollment for Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is Open For A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Are You Open To Receive?

Discover how to access your potential, awaken your natural born intuition, and work with the Universe more consistently to create a meaningful life of ABUNDANCE in all ways.

When you engage ancient spiritual laws, you unlock Universal codes that AMPLIFY your attractor factor so you can live life authentically (even and especially when life feels hard). This is the way of  prosperity and abundance.


YES! LEVEL UP my life NOW!

Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul Membership is open for enrollment for a LIMITED TIME.  We are a high vibe and highly active community and Maria dedicates her time to personally lead this group daily.  If you're seeing this opportunity it's because there's still a few spaces available.

Please Read BEFORE Jumping In...

I have countless stories of students experiencing amazing breakthroughs. I teach what I practice myself and it's been the key to CONSISTENTLY demystify the secret codes of the Universe and open the floodgates of ABUNDANCE in all ways for all areas of life!

Working in harmony with the Universe to engage all the Spiritual Laws is a practice that's deeper than common teachings about The Law of Attraction. It's healing old wounds, realizing and breaking through energy blocks and choosing to live life soul-aligned.

Before you do anything, trust your body signals (your inner wisdom). If you feel a connection to this message, then I can't wait to personally welcome you!

With so much love 💜,


"Maria, you are a beautiful soul and I am so grateful I serendipitously found you on Facebook four years ago! It’s been truly transforming." ~Christine

"Maria, I just want you to know that you have been a tremendous catalyst for positive change in my life. I am a licensed professional in psychology—I was stuck in my own life! You helped me rediscover my sense of self-worth." ~Randi

"The impact you made in my life surpasses any therapy I have ever had. It helped me look deeper into myself to make the necessary changes in order to thrive and have a better life in general. Thank you for all you do." ~Tonya

What You Can Expect Inside The Soul Membership

(REAL TIME) Weekly Soul Coaching.

FUN and Interactive via Facebook LIVE Video Stream AND Recorded Private Podcast in the membership portal. Delivered weekly, you can MANAGE your week like a BOSS! No more getting caught off guard and you'll be better prepared when "life happens" because of your expanded ability in self-mastery, intuition, and knowing your Soul Truth! Get ready to grow, open up your intuition in a way that'll feel natural to you, build your confidence, and AMPLIFY your attractor factor! Downloadable transcript and MP3 are included for your convenience.

Daily Energy Report

You'll know the best Prosperity Manifestation Days, the best days for Reflection, Rest and Healing, and Recuperation; the days when Abundance is Amplified; Days to focus on Love and Romance and Forgiveness, best Days for New Beginnings and New Business Projects. 
Downloadable transcript (plus daily Facebook reminders) for what to expect each day and how to navigate the Universal energy that influences EVERYONE (no exceptions). Here's where you learn how to MASTER your energy (versus being overrun by it).  Energy Reports help you live your life with more confidence because they support opening your Natural Intuitive Flow!

Weekly Group Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Readings are used as Spiritual Tools to help community members validate their intuition and support their guidance, growth, and soul-alignment.  We use a variety of card decks to keep the energy and vitality around this practice joyful and healing! A group card reading is done weekly, and a personal card is pulled weekly for those who attend the LIVE Soul Coaching with any extra time remaining. First come, first serve, and always full of guided aha moments for the Soul community!

Weekly Mantra

Mantra defined means a mystical form of invocation. Each week we practice a mantra based on the Universal energy of the week to keep members on track and continuously tapped into ABUNDANCE.  With a mantra practice we expand the energy, our attractor factor, and stay empowered and on path. Mantras support everyone in the Soul Community to speak the next level of your life into existence. So even if you forget your mantra (it happens), the community is still saying it for themselves and holding space for the greatest good of all in the community!

LIVE Masterclasses (PLUS Access To Archives)

Every 3 months you'll get a LIVEstreamed Masterclass followed by Q&A where you can connect with me and ask me anything! I'll cover topics that support your growth, healing, and mindset so that you continue your journey to self-mastery. Plus the moment you join, you'll have immediate access to the complete Masterclass archives! Repetition is the 2nd Law of Transformation (so YES... listen and listen as often as you like).

High Vibe Facebook Community

You'll receive support and build momentum in your week, because Soul Members LOVE to share their wins, and embrace struggles with a commitment to personal growth as they support each other on their soul journey! Here's where each member receives even more support and wisdom from other Soul Members! This community is unlike any other and stand ready to welcome and wrap you with high LOVE vibes! 💜

Meditation Library

The complete library of meditations is yours instantly the moment you join! On the first of each month, Maria will recommend a meditation according to the Universal energy and intention for the month ahead. All meditations are guided by Maria, downloadable MP3s, and easy to do—even if you think you can't meditate.


✅ Receive the COMPLETE video recordings of the The 3 Spiritual Laws Challenge, To Break Open the Gates of ABUNDANCE In All Ways and Shift From Funk To FREEDOM!  This will include ALL videos, visualizations, and release processes.
✅ Your Energy Makeover Complete Video Series and EBOOK, learn how to master your energy (around energy vampires, how to gracefully and joyfully set BOUNDARIES, and END Self Sabotage!

Here's a few LIVE Snapshots inside the Soul Membership...

What if all that wondering about abundance and "if there's more" is finally answered?

I've been successfully creating online programs that are helping people just like you breakthrough to the next level in their life and business by leveraging "road blocks" and every time "life happens" to their advantage!

This Soul Membership is a PRACTICAL, all-inclusive approach (spiritual, energy, mindset) to life coaching with empowering SOULutions!

It's the next best thing to having me as your daily personal coach! 


Every moment offers YOU an opportunity to align and bring to it the energy that elevates, heals, and breaks open the floodgates of ABUNDANCE in all ways.



If you're seeing this it's because we have spaces available in the Soul Yearly Membership.