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How Would Feel If You Could...

Hear and TRUST your intuition
(and stop second guessing your decisions).

Recognize and interpret Universal Signs you're given all the time
(and confidently take action).

Create an ABUNDANT lifestyle
(and stop head-butting into brick walls)

Bring the soul back into your heart-centered business
(and stop being overrun by it)

Manage your life well (and stop life from managing you)

Work WITH the Universe and level-up during unique energetic portals throughout the year
(Yes, it's a thing 


The Universe has so much to share with you!


Inside this AWE-mazing Soul Membership you'll know in ADVANCE...

  • What Manifestation days are best for you...

  • When to Implement Your Plans...

  • Which days to Reflect, Rest, and Recuperate your energy...

  • Which days support EXPANDING Your Courage and Confidence...

  • Which days to take advantage of Abundance and Attraction into your life...

  • Which days Romance and Relationships are AMPLIFIED...

  • The best days for New Beginnings and when to hold off for a bit.

When you know, you enter each day naturally EMPOWERED!

I help you blend intuition with intellect and authority with love so you lead your life living what you value so you create a full, meaningful, abundant, happy, and soul-aligned life!


Practical, Smarter, Soulful

Would you agree that...

  • You don't have to work harder at creating an ABUNDANT lifestyle (forcing it to happen).

  • You don't have to "over-effort" everything in your life (zapping your precious energy).

  • You are a Sacred Thumbprint of the Universe (a fuller expression and extension of the Universe)—already instilled with the ability to grow and outgrow your present state and circumstance.

If you agree, then we're on the same page and there's a reason we've connected.

It's time for more practical SOULutions. YES?

If you've been "doing all the right things" and still feel that inner ache telling you something is missing, you're not alone. To be sure, it has NOTHING to do with not being grateful for how far you've come!

That inner ache you feel is the Universal nudge for you to wake up, look up, and RISE UP!  In other words, it's absolutely Soulfully aligned to want to stop tolerating life and start living and feeling AWEmazing about it.

It's your birthright to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and ABUNDANT lifestyle that leaves a positive and healing impact. It's natural to want more and thank goodness you do! The world needs more like you.

What I'm sharing is what I was looking for to help me heal, overcome, and create an ABUNDANT lifestyle—so I made the decision to make it happen.

It's time to promote yourself to CEO of your life. 
After all, your life is your business!

I see you. I feel you. I love you!

~ Maria 💜

PS:  Thank you for being here and investing time researching this membership. That's a big deal! Even if this one is not right for you, keep searching my friend, the world needs your light!


Shift From Funk To FREEDOM!

I know what it's like to fall into a funk, shut down and shut out my own Soul Truth. I also know the AMAZING things you can manifest in your life when you stay committed and connected to your Intuition and Soul Truth!

Awakening Your Intuition Helps You Unfold Your Soul Truth (Who You Are and Why You're Here)

Find The Missing Puzzle Piece In Your Life!

Spirituality wasn't always cool—but in today's world it's the saving grace for people around the world who know there is something more to life than just the stuff making your day-to-day.

I began Spiritual teaching in 2008 in my tiny office at home where I met with clients individually and in groups leading them in workshops, meditations, and Spiritual healing.

As I watched Spiritual businesses rise over the years, I noticed that Spirituality was becoming more of a trend and a new form of "escapism" from real life struggles.

It's my experience that true healing and transformation happen when you awaken your intuition (inner wisdom) and Soul Truth and stay committed to it consistently. So in 2016, I started to show up LIVE on Facebook with real talk and a practical approach to Soul Coaching, Healing, The Law of Attraction, and Life Purpose. Fast forward to today, and I have over 280K followers across the globe and a tribe of committed community members who demanded more! And so... my ebook Funk To FREEDOM was born followed by my 3-Week Online Intensive, ABUNDANCE Bootcamp.

Members were committed to their transformation and experienced TRUE and MEANINGFUL changes in their lives to include more confidence, healing, and a deeper sense of JOY!

But here's the thing...


Life will always present new challenges and changes (you can bank on it) and without the right community, old habits and patterns will stop the flow of your intuition, and meditation comes to a halt. Seriously, who can "quiet their mind" when they're stressed out to the max?

And so, connection, deeper awareness, healing, growth, and more come to a standstill! Before you know you it, you find yourself right back where you started! That's no bueno.

Every person I've connected with LOVES awakening their intuition but STRUGGLE keeping this part of their life awake, alive, and proactive! 

Have you ever...

  • Hit the snooze button and skipped meditation or quality alone time to connect, restore, and command your day?

  • Vegged out and binge watched Netflix or spent time on social media knowing you could be doing something to support your self and your growth but you just can't seem snap out of your funk?

  • Found yourself in relationships with old patterns that hold you back?

  • Felt worry that mediocrity is your destiny and you don't know how to move the needle forward?

  • Felt trapped and unfulfilled in your life?

  • Get overwhelmed because you feel EVERYTHING and your energy feels zapped most days?

Simply put, when it comes to your intuition,
if you don't use it, you lose it!

Become a Soul Member and you'll stay consistent and connected to your Intuition and Soul Truth every day, be supported, and have fun!

My practical, NO BS approach will support your own ability to intuit, to experience and manifest more meaningfully, feel more confident and empowered, and it'll feel more natural to you! (Read that again).

Enjoy The Crazy Good BONUSES!

When you sign up, you'll have immediate access to my membership portal and MOST POPULAR Video Series: ABUNDANCE Challenge, ABUNDANCE Masterclass, My Ebook: Choose ABUNDANCE, and my Lecture: Wealth Always and in ALL Ways.

PLUS You'll Receive This Free Gift When You Join!

11 Days Of Surrender (Transcripts and Guide). 11 messages from the Universe as they came through in meditation about the things to surrender in your life so that you can create the energy and space to welcome more of what you DO want in your life.

Why Become A Soul Member?

Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is for you if you want to bring more meaning into your life; develop, open and TRUST your intuition MORE. You'll belong to a strong community (with all kinds of wisdom of their own to share with you) and who are dedicated to Soul Growth that includes support for your own healing, transformation, empowerment and SOULutions

I meet you where you already are, ONLINE and on FACEBOOK! 

Embracing your Intuition and Soul Truth
(who you are and why you're here) is tough when you attempt to do it alone—and it's why so many DROP THE BALL!

When you abandon your Soul Truth, then your intuition takes a step back, too—widening the gap between you and what you want in your life and how you want to feel about it. This leaves life feeling mediocre and you feeling disempowered. Somehow all your good intentions get lost in translation, and your Soul Truth goes back on the shelf.

You already know this doesn't work and it's why I created this membership to keep you excited about your life—supporting your natural ability to intuit SOULutions—working WITH the rhythm and flow of the Universe!


When you work WITH the Universe you connect to a Divine Cosmic Collision that unlocks your great potential!


This is a smarter (not harder) approach to creating a life you love!

It doesn't matter if you're just starting or if you've been following me for years, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul fits into your lifestyle right now.

Receive weekly Soul Coaching and Masterclasses every quarter with topics covering Success Mindset Strategy and the Healing Arts. I'll include energy work, how to work with the rhythm and flow of the Universe, energy healing, Universal energy (and the influence on you), Angel Numbers, Angel Work, Numerology, Feng Shui, Rituals/Practices, and more. I'll be your Soul Coach every step of the way!

Even changing ONE thing—ONE approach, ONE perspective—can change EVERYTHING! 

You've got to BREAK THE RULES of how you've always done things so you can experience something BETTER!

Your life is YOUR BUSINESS! So go ahead and promote yourself to CEO!
It's time.

Peek Inside The Soul Membership...

💚 It's the next best thing to having me as your personal coach! 

💚 This Soul Membership is a PRACTICAL, all-inclusive approach to life coaching with SOULutions that work!

I've worked with high profile celebrity coaches and spiritual masters doing amazing things in the world, but I kept noticing the amount of energy it took to bring communities together (travel expenses, time away from home, long contracts, deadlines, lack of connection, and more). Online is the ONE PLATFORM where you already are. Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul is RIGHT for the times. This membership is what I was looking for when I was starting my journey. It's evolutionary!

Let's Do This Together!

"Piece after piece of my life journey are falling into place, making connections and redefining experiences from different perspectives. I am indeed letting go of old beliefs and wounds and healing them. I am so grateful for these new insights and deeper understanding of myself and my journey, for my many blessings and miracles. This is so profound I can hardly find the words. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️"

You're Invited To Join Our Soul Tribe!

Here's what you can expect...


(REAL TIME) Weekly Soul Coaching.

Via LIVE Video Stream and Private Podcast in the membership portal & Private Facebook Group. Delivered weekly, the Soul Coaching includes a Universal Energy Report with insight for what to expect the week ahead. PLUS I'll include weekly Soul coaching to support your own ability to manage your week like a BOSS! No more getting caught off guard and you'll be better prepared when "life happens" because of your expanded ability in self-mastery, intuition, and knowing your Soul Truth! Get ready to grow, open up your intuition in a way that'll feel natural to you, build your confidence, and expand your attractor factor! Downloadable transcript and MP3 are included for your convenience.

Oracle Card Readings

YES! Maria uses Oracle Cards as Spiritual Tools to help you expand your intuition, find guidance (or re-direction), and confirmation you're on the right track! Monthly, Weekly, Group and Personal Card Readings are included inside this membership.

LIVE Masterclasses and Access to Archives. 

Every 3 months you'll get a LIVEstreamed Masterclass followed by Q&A where you can connect with me and ask me anything! I'll cover topics that support your growth, healing, and mindset so that you continue your journey to self-mastery. Plus the moment you join, you'll have immediate access to the complete Masterclass archives! Repetition is the 2nd Law of Transformation (so YES... listen and listen as often as you like).

Weekly Mantra and Intention. 

The mantra will support you and keep you on track each week. When we practice mantras together, we expand the energy, our attractor factor, and stay empowered and on path. Mantras support everyone in the Soul Community to speak the next level of your life into existence. So even if you forget your mantra (it happens), the community is still saying it for themselves and holding space for the greatest good of all in the community!

Meditation Library.

The complete library of meditations is yours instantly the moment you join! On the first of each month, Maria will recommend a meditation according to the Universal energy and intention for the month ahead. All meditations are guided by Maria and easy to do—even if you think you can't meditate.

Community, Support, and Celebration.

You'll get support and build momentum in your week, because Soul Members are highly encouraged to share their wins, and embrace struggles with a commitment to personal growth. Here's where each member receives even more support and wisdom from other Soul Members! This community is unlike any other and stand ready to welcome and wrap you with high LOVE vibes! Plus, Plus, Plus... Pop-Up LIVEs with Maria to help navigate the Universal Energy when it gets a little wonky (and it does) and to answer your questions.


The complete ABUNDANCE Challenge Video Training, ABUNDANCE Masterclass, Ebook: Choose ABUNDANCE, and my lecture: Wealth Always and in ALL Ways. Find it all in your membership portal the second you join! PLUS my free gift, 11 Days of Surrender (Transcript and Guide), yours to keep forever!

"Maria Flynn is doing important and amazing work, by creating a dialogue online that helps others as well as champion other voices to be heard. She is on the most authentic and kind hearted people I know. She's an example of someone doing something good on the internet."

John Kim
Therapist, Coach, and Author of "A No BS Guide to Finding Your Own Truth" and "I Used To Be A Miserable F*ck"

"When in comes to understanding spirituality, metaphysics, energy and how they impact you – Maria is the person to go to! Her ability to tap into intuition and connect with a higher being and then explain back how it relates to you is magical. When I need answers, when I have doubts or need confirmation on anything – Maria is who I rely on! I trust her perspectives and input 1000% !"

Lauren Jawno
High-Performance CoachTM, Author of Change4Good, CO-Founder Mojo Mastery Monthly Group Coaching

"Maria is a wise soul who has the amazing ability to tap into the energy of others and give them information they need at just the right time. I have been following her journey for a few years now as she taps into spirituality and gives amazing advice in her amazing groups. However, don't let that soft, spiritual side of her nature fool you, she is not afraid to tell it like it is, but she does it in such as a way as to motivate you - nothing like a spiritual kick in the ass. Maria's wisdom, energy, and uncanny ability to tell you what you need to know at just the right time will leave you feeling energized and much more spiritually connected to the soul of the world."

Steven Aitchison
Founder of Change Your Thoughts, Your Digital Formula,

Questions & Answers

A:  As soon as you join, you'll be directed to join a CLOSED Facebook Group for MEMBERS ONLY.  Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul will be delivered via my private membership portal (you'll get credentials as soon as you sign up)!  We'll also utilize my closed Facebook Group for LIVE masterclasses (and on-demand), community threads, and more.

A: The Soul Membership is open to anyone who want to expand their intuition, realize their Soul Truth (your authentic self and why you're here), broaden awareness, heal, grow, and build their energetic momentum to improve their quality of life to continuously create and attract more meaningful experiences, deepen relationships, and open up opportunities in a way that is constantly progressing. Simply put, life just gets better and better!

You'll find courageous women (we have a few courageous men, too) between the ages of 35 to 55+ who've accomplished some things in their life and who appreciate Maria's no BS and practical approach to Soul Coaching that's applicable with today's busy lifestyle.

Generally, they are in this community to  answer that inner ache wondering if there's something more.

The community as a whole is looking to continuously improve their soul alignment because when you do, life shifts and moves in the direction that keeps you feeling fulfilled and feeling deep joy and gratitude (even when life happens).

A:  If you select the MONTHLY SOUL Membership:

After the 30 days, you'll be automatically renewed monthly at $17. If you get the Monthly Subscription, you can cancel anytime. Send an email with a request to cancel to [email protected] and your request will be cancelled.  There is no refund because everything in this membership is delivered.


If you invest in the ANNUAL Membership you have a 7 day trial period from the date of purchase. If you choose to cancel within the 7 days, you can cancel and receive a full refund. Simply, send an email request to [email protected]After seven days, there is no cancellation and no refund.

The annual memenbership means you'll be automatically renewed annually. You can request to cancel any time Upon a renewal, you have 7 days from the date of renewal to cancel and you will receive a refund. Requests after the 7 days from date of renewal will not be refunded. No exceptions. Send your request to cancel to [email protected]

**PLEASE NOTE: While you can cancel anytime, no questions asked— BOTH memberships (monthly and yearly) are ALL IN/ALL OUT LIVE Digital Memberships and the moment you cancel, everything will be removed from your library. 

Stay or cancel, my free gift, 11 Days of Surrender, is yours to keep forever. :)

 A:  If you select Soul Signature Membership.

You have 7 days from date of purchase to request a refund (of both Soul Yearly and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp 3-Week Intensive together. Request after the 7 days will not be refunded. No exceptions.

A:  It's simple. Listen to your body. That's what I recommend everyone to do!  If you feel the nudge, listen and take action. Energy never lies

I use Facebook and my private membership portal to deliver this membership because I want to meet you where you already are. I have proven results with online communities and I know the power of a community. I already know Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul WORKS! :)

Are you new to a Spiritual Practice? Then this is perfect and you'll be supported.

Do you consider yourself Spiritually aware or work with other coaches and teachers? Perfect! This will supplement what you've already got going on and empower you.

Beyond a Spiritual Practice, Spirituality For The Stubborn Soul will include discussion about Universal energy, intuition, healing work, planetary alignment and their energetic influence, Feng Shui, rituals, and more supporting your practice and awakening your own Spiritual Force.

A:  Short answer, it can take as much or as little time as you need.  This is not a program with deadines, there's no homework, and no schedule. With the closed Facebook Group, there's no way you'll fall behind either. I encourage you to show up in the Closed Facebook Group at least weekly, but when and what time is totally up to you!

If you cancel, the membership and bonuses will be removed from your Membership and you'll be removed from my Soul Tribe Facebook Group.

Please DO KEEP the 11 Days of Surrender Guide.  That's your gift to keep forever. 💚

If you're ready, we're ready for you! Let's do this!
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