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Join Maria Flynn for the Evolutionary and Elevated
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Designed for those who want to take back their personal POWER and take QUANTUM Leaps in their Personal and Professional life
with a NO BS approach.

Breakthrough limiting beliefs, energy blocks, and welcome more prosperous flow in all ways.

Monthly Membership

Maria dedicates her time to personally guide and coach this Soul Community weekly.
Expect a high-energy, uplifting, creative soul community when you join us!

Please read before going any further...

SpiritUP is a high vibe soul community and Maria dedicates her time to personally lead and coach this group. 
At this pivotal time in history, it's imperative to surround yourself with those who have VISION and who will pull you FORWARD.  High-level coaching begins with high-level conversations inside a high-level community. If this sounds like it will support your life, you're invited to join.

Dear Future SpiritUP Member...

There's NOTHING complicated about belonging to our soul community.

You'll either find what supports your life, soul-alignment and abundance or you won't (and you can cancel anytime—no questions asked).

You'll fit right in with us if...

✅  You're tired of people saying you're pulling away when in fact, you know it's time to RISE!

✅  Your heart feels heavy because "cancel-culture" is silencing the voices and opinions that are different and you believe in the power of VARIETY—and you long for EMOTIONAL FREEDOM to be your best self!

✅  You've had ENOUGH of the energy-sucking media perpetuating fear and doubt and want to CONFIDENTLY create more OPTIMISM and CERTAINTY in your own life (no matter what's happening in the world around you).

✅  You're ready to take your sensitivity, your (perceived) weaknesses and mistakes and turn them into a PROPHETIC RESET for your life (making you UNSTOPPABLE).

✅  You LOVE the vibes that nourish your Soul when you discover deeper wisdom from ancient/mystic teachings, planetary alignments (what it means for you and your energy)numerology and Angel guidance and still manage your personal and professional life like a BOSS !

If you're tired of broad-stroked philosophical teaching and desire a Soul community that embraces PRACTICAL thinking with EMPOWERING MINDSET STRATEGIES, along with a healthy dose of spiritual/mystical tools helping your INTUITIVE FLOW so you can live in HARMONY with the Universe and her prosperous flow more consistently... 
(It's a mouthful but it's true). 😀

Then, you're READY for an all-inclusive, ongoing system that will ACCELERATE your abundance in all ways!

Join Now and Welcome More SOULutions

After working for "celebrity" self-help gurus, I realized the need to make soul-coaching more accessible, all-inclusive, and practical for EVERYONE. So, in 2015 I founded One Wise Life and several successful online programs. In fact, I have countless stories of students experiencing amazing breakthroughs.

I teach what I practice myself and it's been the key to CONSISTENTLY demystify the Spiritual Laws and codes of the Universe and open the floodgates of ABUNDANCE in all ways for all areas of life!

Working in harmony with the Universe to engage all the Spiritual Laws is a practice that's deeper than common teachings about The Law of Attraction. It's healing old wounds, realizing and breaking through energy blocks and choosing to live life soul-aligned. I believe (and have proven) it can be done in effective and practical ways!

Trust your body signals (your inner wisdom). If you feel a connection, then I can't wait to personally welcome you!

With so much love 💜,


"Maria, you are a beautiful soul and I am so grateful I serendipitously found you on Facebook four years ago! It’s been truly transforming." ~Christine

"Maria, I just want you to know that you have been a tremendous catalyst for positive change in my life. I am a licensed professional in psychology—I was stuck in my own life! You helped me rediscover my sense of self-worth." ~Randi

"The impact you made in my life surpasses any therapy I have ever had. It helped me look deeper into myself to make the necessary changes in order to thrive and have a better life in general. Thank you for all you do." ~Tonya

What You Can Expect Inside The Soul Membership

(REAL TIME) Weekly Soul Coaching Calls.

FUN and Interactive via Facebook LIVE Video Stream AND Recorded Private Podcast in the membership portal. Delivered weekly, so you can MANAGE your week like a BOSS!  Be better prepared when "life happens" because of your EXPANDED ability in self-mastery, intuition, and knowing your Soul Truth and Purpose! Get ready to grow, open up your intuition in a way that'll feel natural to you, build your CONFIDENCE, and AMPLIFY your PROSPERITY in all ways! Replays, downloadable transcript and MP3 are included for your convenience.

Daily Energy Report—No More Getting Caught Off Guard!

IN ADVANCE, you'll know the BEST Prosperity Manifestation DaysBEST days for Reflection, Rest and Healing, and Recuperation; BEST days when Abundance is Amplified; BEST Days to focus on Love and Romance and ForgivenessBEST Days for New Beginnings and New Business Projects. 
Downloadable transcript and MP3 (plus daily reminders) for what to expect each day and how to navigate the Universal energy that influences EVERYONE (no exceptions). Here's where you learn how to MASTER your energy (versus being overrun by it).  Energy Reports help you live your life with more confidence because they support opening your Natural Intuitive Flow.
The COSMOS have a lot to share with you!

Weekly Group Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Readings are used as Spiritual Tools to help community members validate their intuition and support their guidance, growth, and soul-alignment.  We use a variety of card decks to keep the energy and vitality around this practice joyful and healing! A group card reading is done weekly, and a personal card is pulled weekly for those who attend the LIVE Soul Coaching Call on a first come— first serve basis. It's always full of guided aha moments for the Soul community!

Weekly Mantra

Mantra defined means a mystical form of invocation. Each week we practice a mantra based on the Universal energy of the week to keep members on track and continuously tapped into ABUNDANCE.  With a mantra practice we expand the energy, our attractor factor, and stay empowered and on path. Mantras support everyone in the Soul Community to speak the next level of your life into existence. So even if you forget your mantra (it happens), the community is still saying it for themselves and holding space for the greatest good of all in the community!

LIVE Monthly Group Q & A

Every month you'll get a LIVEstreamed group Q&A where you can connect with me and ask me anything! Plus the moment you join, you'll have immediate access to the complete Masterclass archives and the 2021 Prosperity Workshop! Repetition is the 2nd Law of Transformation (so YES... listen and listen as often as you like).

High Vibe Facebook Community

You'll receive support and build momentum in your week, because Soul Members LOVE to share their wins, and embrace struggles with a commitment to personal growth as they support each other on their soul journey! Here's where each member receives even more support and wisdom from other Soul Members! This community is unlike any other and stand ready to welcome and wrap you with high LOVE vibes! 💜

Meditation/Visualization Library

The complete library is yours instantly the moment you join! On the first of each month, Maria will recommend a meditation according to the Universal energy and intention for the month ahead. All meditations are guided by Maria, downloadable MP3s, and easy to do—even if you think you can't meditate.

By accepting the invitation to join our SpiritUP Community you'll also receive these BONUSES!


BONUS #1 — 3 Spiritual Laws Challenge Complete Recordings  (VALUE $197)

3 Masterclasses, 3 energy healing visualization experiences, 3 Days of easy homework channeling your energy in the areas of:

  • Wealth and Prosperity: Breakdown energy blocks and open your prosperity code.

  • Spiritual Connection: When you understand how to manage your energy, you have the potential to shift your energy and manage your emotions (over your emotions managing you). This process can be felt INSTANTLY.

  • Forgiveness: Until you understand the potency behind the energy of forgiveness, then what you manifest will be influenced by (lower vibrating) energy from past hurts and wounds.  You'll know exactly how to shift from funk to FREEDOM!



BONUS #2 — Your Energy Makeover Ebook and Video Training (VALUE $497)

Immediately SHIFT your energy, and EMPOWER yourself so you have more control over your life!

Identify the energy that requires your attention the MOST with PRECISION!

(No matter what's happening in the world around you). 

PLUS a 30-Day Self-Love Challenge, and 2-Part Video Series: ENDING SELF-SABOTAGE.

LOVE from the SpiritUP Members during our Interactive Weekly Soul Coaching Call...

Every moment offers YOU an opportunity to align and bring to it the energy that Elevates, Heals, and breaks open the Floodgates of ABUNDANCE in all ways.



Join Us Now

Tara S.

Learning how the universe works and the planets aligning has been a huge awareness as well as help me navigate through others’ emotions, as well as my own. Being an empath, I’ve learned to not take on others’ energy. Huge game changer!!! Your weekly energy reports help me plan for the week to come and be able to pick out certain patterns and behaviors of my own that need to change.

Investing in my mental well being has not only changed my life, but it has helped me manage my teenage daughters’ emotional days as well.  Words can not express how thankful and appreciative I am to have Maria Flynn in my life.

Trust the universe and trust the process. Trust Maria and trust her process. 

Tre M.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I had no more excuses, only opportunity. The daily energy reports and Weekly Soul Coaching call is my compass, as I learn, stretch, grow, trusting myself more in the wisdom, intuition and discernment I had but never really believed. Today, I believe in myself more than I ever have. And all with the support of a tribe committed to growth. After spending ayear lost in homelessness, I now live in hope.  

Shellie M.

I haven’t been in this group long, but have had some serious aha moments. I have found so much clutter in my life, physically and emotionally and this coaching has helped me see where they are and learn how to manage and remove things for my peace of mind. Finding harmony has been overwhelming and I cannot wait to see where I am in a month, a year, even 5 years.