2021 Ultimate Prosperity Workshop

Maria Flynn, Founder One Wise Life

Workshop intensive
(includes your personal PROSPERITY GUIDE for 2021)

Question: If you had the tools to joyfully and creatively manifest joy, fulfillment, and prosperity in more natural and practical ways, would you do it?

Truth Bomb: The Universe provides amazing Universal Energy that supports you! All you need is the guide in ADVANCE to keep you poised and ready!

I've created a workshop intensive and (downloadable) guide for you to follow The 2021 Ultimate Universal Prosperity Guide!

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I absolutely love everything you gave me. The insights and how to put it all together. Things are always getting better and better for my highest and greatest good! 
~ Jamie H.
Thank you for your words!
I’m kicking myself for not sticking with you full force. I greatly appreciate what you bring to us all!!! Thank you! Thank you! ~Trudy M.
What a great place to be!

To grow and outgrow our current situations and have a place to be, learn and thrive. So Blessed to be here!  ~ Tracy K.

Discover the 2021 soulful messages from the Universe to welcome more abundance and prosperity in all ways.

Of course you want more for your life!

>> You want to enjoy high quality relationships (with deeper loving connection, mutual respect and support).

>> A career that fulfills your heart (without long tiresome days). 

>> Less stress and a lot more JOY!

>> And of course, more prosperity in all ways!

The stars, planets, and numbers hold Universal energy that is ALWAYS there to support you! Now is the time to prepare for a momentous ELEVATING year in 2021.

Right now is the time to shift into higher vibration (and with that, higher vibration results)!  That means greater abundance in all ways—LOVE, JOY, FULFILLMENT, GOOD HEALTH, and PROSPERITYas part of your natural and everyday experience!

If you want to redirect your life… 

If you want to share your talents with the world… 

If you’re feeling good about your life, yet know there is so much more to explore…

Then get ready!

The 2021 Ultimate Prosperity Workshop Intensive (available for streaming now) will help you open up the doors to prosperity in all ways (personally and professionally)! 

This online workshop intensive is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to know with confidence that you’re on the highest vibrational path meant for your life.
  • You want to discover how to express and be seen at your true soul-level (and let your true self be what sets you free!)
  • You want guidance on how to awaken and position yourself for more opportunities with more confidence.
  • You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur or professional and want to know the exact windows in 2021 to move forward–and also know when to scale back.
  • You want to expand your intuition – and tap into a more constant stream of prosperity flow in all ways.
  • You are a spiritual seeker who wants to explore the sacred ways of harmonizing and naturally live with the rhythm and flow of the Universe and her ABUNDANCE in all ways!

2021: The Year of Unfolding Successes! 

Your life took quite a journey in 2020! Growth was unavoidable, and uncomfortable (to put it mildly), and yet extremely purposeful (when properly understood).

If you find yourself here, there’s no doubt that your own spiritual nature awakened, leaving you searching for more! Your spiritual side got your attention and now it’s time to Explore, Expand, and Enjoy your Divine connection even more!

2020 brought rapid shifts—a theme that will continue to evolve globally and in your own life in 2021 (but with a much more positive and empowered flow)!

  • 2020 activated a DEMANDING Universal energy that prompted you to see your life (and the world around you) more clearly through unique and undeniable experiences.
  • 2020 prompted you to practice patience and appreciation of your own natural cycles in all areas of your life. It was a year you were feeling everything!!
  • Now... 2021 will bring you windows of opportunities to thrust you into a wonderful forward momentum in powerful EVERLASTING ways!

Now is the time you want to
keep GOing and keep GROWing!


You see, by living in harmony with the Universal energy for 2021, you’ll find yourself replacing what you thought you knew with high vibrating and soul-aligned new beliefs! That means releasing the things you’ve been gripping on to so tightly (giving way to receive more).

CREATIVITY will be your key to stimulating
SOULutions and SUCCESSES! 

2021 is the time to BREAK FREE and let your soul (authentic) self be seen!


Here’s brief break down:
  • 2021 is a 5 Universal Year in numerology. The 5 vibration for the year upholds change, liberation, exploration, responsible risk, adventure, connection, clear communication, enthusiasm and ultimate FREEDOM. 5 in Angel Numbers encourages you to have hope and be ready to accept the changes that are coming!
  • Working in harmony with the Universe helps you eliminate your FEAR–so that in 2021 you experience joy and flexibility to create NEW and EXCITING SUCCESSES!
  • What you create is aligned with an energy that is everlasting–and in 2021 you'll see more successes!

As always you are in the driver’s seat...

It’s up to you to choose to shift in FORWARD momentum motion with total freedom by your side.

  • There are MULTIPLE Universal energy portals in 2021 that’ll help you sync with Universal energy to help you discover greater prosperity in all ways.
  • Make no mistake, swift change is ahead and so the opportunity to transform is quickening. It’s time to be enthusiastic and choose to generate the extraordinary moments of 2021. 

You'll MISS a prosperous flowing life (in all ways) if...

  • You choose to ignore your intuition and Universal energy that helps you sharpen and expand your innate skill to receive genius ideas meant for you! Successful people call this "flashes of brilliance", "lightbulb moments", or "downloads".
  • You choose old habits and old programming. (Pssst... How things have always been is not reason enough for them to continue).
  • You choose staying in place versus accessing the potential the Universal energy provides you.

2021 is a year of shifts that can also potentially attract distraction, delays, and insecurity. You can also potentially attract people and situations that THWART your progress and block your path ahead.

You're Divinely designed to work in harmony with the Universe. That means paying attention to the flow of Universal energy around you and through you. It's not difficult only a different way more harmonious approach!

After all...

If you want DIFFERENT, you're going to have DO different,

You can plug in and advance your life with a joyful spirit or find yourself frustrated and falling in deeper sadness and frustration and unnecessary suffering.

Here's what we'll cover inside the workshop:

✔  3 Important planetary transits happening in 2021 that will influence how you experience change and freedom (or not).

✔  How to calculate your personal 2021 numeric vibrational path and DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE POWER CYCLE for 2021 so you can navigate your life with more confidence for all of 2021.

✔  Why 2021 is a spiritual year aligned with abundance and prosperity for anyone to enjoy.

✔  How to select your high-vibration theme word for the year and expand your prosperous flow.

✔  How fear will engage POWERFUL Universal/Spiritual Laws (and why you must know this ASAP to engage them in your FAVOR).

✔  Key prosperity dates for every month (plus other important high energy dates to help you plan 2021).

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My personal commitment to you if you're not 100% satisfied.

If after 2 weeks, you're not completely satisfied, you can email our team to [email protected] and request your refund—no questions asked. This way I shoulder 100% of the responsibility and you invest feeling risk-free! EVERYTHING is energy and this is no different, so I trust you won't take advantage. You can watch the workshop as often as you like in the 2-week period, take notes, receive the bonus gift, and calendar important prosperity dates for all of 2021!

What You Can Expect...


1. 5 Hour Workshop Intensive (available to stream now).

Maria's (RECORDED) LIVE REPLAY from January 4, 2021 inside her private pop-up Facebook Group is how you'll view this workshop intensive (link to FB Group inside your email when when you register). Bring water, pen, and paper for notes. This workshop will OVERFLOW with information you'll want to have by your side for all of 2021!  

3. Replay as often as you need!

At your convenience, enjoy the replay, take notes, calendar important dates so that you don't miss a thing 2021 has to offer you!

BONUS GIFT: 2021 Ultimate Prosperity Guide!

Register now and receive Maria's 2021 Ultimate Prosperity Guide. Includes KEY Prosperity dates for each month. Directions for calculating your personal vibrational number and discover your unique life power cycle for 2021.  

Discover the dynamic success words vibrationally aligned with 2021 you can use for healing work, mantras,  mission statements, websites, goals, journaling, and more!

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Tara S.

Learning how the universe works and the planets aligning has been a huge awareness as well as help me navigate through others' emotions, (as well as my own). Being an empath, I’ve learned to not take on others’ energy. Huge game changer!!! Her weekly energy reports help me plan for the week to come and be able to pick out certain patterns and behaviors of my own that need to change.

Investing in my mental well being has not only changed my life, but it has helped me manage my teenage daughters’ emotional days as well. 

Words can not express how thankful and appreciative I am to have Maria Flynn in my life.

Trust the universe and trust the process.

Trust Maria and trust her process.

Tre M.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I had no more excuses, only opportunity. The daily energy reports and Weekly Soul Coaching call is my compass, as I learn, stretch, grow, trusting myself more in the wisdom , intuition and discernment I had but never really believed. Today, I believe in myself more than I ever have. And all with the support of a tribe commited to growth. After spending a year lost in homelessness, I now live in hope. Maria, gratitude....

Chris G.

There truly are no words to explain how much Maria’s soul coaching means to me. It’s the perfect combination of spirituality, intuition, universal laws, every day practicality. It truly is life changing and exactly what I needed in this phase of my journey. I will be eternally grateful for Maria and this amazing group.

FINALLY! 2021, The Year of Unfolding Successes! CLICK HERE to start your prosperous flow!